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Como usar mi pronombre (escrito por @eunice , pero como usamos el mismo y me dió permiso) :

How to use my pronouns:

This is what I get for streaming Doom.

Uh, thanks, @saadazim for the fanart.

Breanna needs $85 for a hotel room tonight :(

Cashapp: $breannacolter026

Mi papá me había pasado un PC viejo que quería usar para mi mamá pero creo que se le murió la placa base 😭 (HP MS225la)

Hoy jueves comienza el nuevo horario de Toque de Queda comenzará a regir de 23:00 a 05:00 am…

Asking for help, please boost 

Hi friends,

I've got to the point where my debt is affecting my quality of life massively, I can no longer deal with the strain its putting on my health both mentally and physically.

I've set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who can help, which you can find here with more explanation:

You can also donate via




& I'll add as an offline donation.

Any help at all, and boosts,appreciated 💛

The reference for this is an old postcard that I have painted countless times before. This was the first time with an ink drawing though.

Ink + Watercolor, 30x40cm
This painting is quite different than what I usually do. I experimented with various tools to create textures and I think it turned out really interesting.
How do you like it, should I try more in this style?
30x40 cm oil on canvas

Tusky 14 is out now! 

- Redesigned the drafts function, so they are faster, more user friendly and hopefully more reliable.
- Wellbeing mode, allows you to limit certain features in Tusky. You can enable it in Preferences!
- Animated emoji support, need we say more?
- Timed mutes (for supported servers).
- Notification 🔔 for specific users posting, ring the bell icon on their profile (Mastodon 3.3.0 feature).
You can support our development via

Tardes de Software Libre #2
En este evento en vivo mostraremos cómo seguir e interactuar entre cuentas del fediverso, en especial entre Mastodon y Peertube.
Fecha y hora: Hoy, martes 23 de febrero de 2021 desde las 17:15 (UTC-5)
Míralo en vivo por:

The truth is that *no one* can live alone and some people are just luckier than others, for personal, structural and historical reasons, in getting their help from the sources sanctioned under private property and capitalism. Self-sufficiency is a myth, and a toxic one that is both hypocritical in favor of privilege and actively hostile to the lives of poor and marginalized people. Don't fall for it.

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Just wanted to say that I admire and love people who openly ask for mutual aid. You are taking care of yourself and your loved ones by admitting you need help and asking for it in a culture that heavily shames and discourages it, and you honor people with your trust in their goodwill.

Hey, I urgently need to move to #berlin, and my flat arrangement just fell through, so I'm looking for a room. Ideally:

- lease at least until July
- with Anmeldung
- near Görlitzer Park (Kreuzberg)
- with lovely people

But I literally need to move in within 10 days, so I'll take anything. LMK if you/someone you know is looking for a mostly quiet, mostly clean, mostly vegan flatmate.

This list is by no means definitive, there are a great number of individuals behind @gnome keeping everything moving forwards

We often talk of programmers and designers, but what about the documenters and translators quietly working in the background?

There is no "gnome devs" - it's a bizarre group of talented people doing far more than just "dev" and often with conflicting visions yet all trying to make GNOME the best it can be

Cuando defienda la tesis voy a tener que contar que llevo papel y birome a todos lados porque las mejores ideas aparecen, obviamente, cuando no estoy frente al teclado.

Podríamos hacer un grupito de instancias amigas, no creen?

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