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Como usar mi pronombre (escrito por , pero como usamos el mismo y me dió permiso) :

How to use my pronouns:

It's the Creator Day today and all my books are pay-what-you-want!

📚 💀 🖤 👻 ✨

You can get my spooky-sweet stories of necromancy and secret libraries completely for free, or if you decide to pay more, I will get 100% of the royalties! 😮

Sale lasts until midnight PT / 8am BST on Saturday!

#Palestina | Así amaneció Gaza, la devastación perpetrada por Israel continúa, a vista y paciencia de todo el mundo "occidental-civilizado".

Muchas gracias a mis dos sucriptores y por apoyar al proyecto. Les hice dos dibujitos en su honor que van a estar en el stream Holi voy a transmitir un ratito de dibujo con comic por si me quieren watchear y hablar de peliculitas u otros comics conmigo :3
#stream #art

>plans to buy gpu
>crypto market: oh btw we bought all gpus

>plans to build storage server
>crypto market: you won't believe what we've come up with now!

Does the world know that the french military and cops are having columns in a newspaper where they literally call for a civil war to clean "ungovernable neighborhoods"*?

* it means black and arab people in french

diganle al tio elon que mande plata a la gente que la cagó la cuerentena en vez de ir a la luna a wear xd

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Al menos entregaron la prueba de hoy y me fue bien :) (5,9 de 7)

Audacity telemetry mess 

so, for those who aren't aware, Audacity was recently taken over by Muse Group, and now under project management by Tantacrul.

they recently tried to start their work on redesigning the UI for audacity by adding basic telemetry to the project using Google Analytics:

as you can expect, it didn't go well.

I know that there are lots of arguments to be had on the pros and cons of telemetry, and the privacy risks. however, I think it's good to point out @elementary as a very good example of a project which takes user feedback seriously and doesn't have any telemetry at all. they posted about it in 2019 here:

here's a good excerpt:

Some people coming from this world of vacuuming up data ask us: how does elementary know what features to develop, which areas to focus on, how many daily active users we have? The answers vary, but generally: we actively engage with users, we have a vision for where we’re going, and… why do we need to know an exact number of daily active users again?

New Mastodon moderation tool 

Hello #fediblock and #mastoadmin! Please forgive me, I don't actually have an instance block recommendation in this post. However, if you're looking in either of these hashtags, I think you'll appreciate what I do have quite a bit.

I've developed a userscript that lets you perform moderation actions on remote instances extremely quickly and conveniently from the Mastodon frontend. Just highlight a domain, right click, and open a tab to a pre-filled New Domain Block form.

Unfortunately, this only works on Mastodon specifically (as well as its forks).

To install it, follow the instructions on the installation page. All you need to do is make sure you have Tampermonkey installed and then type your instance domain into a box. The page itself answers a few questions that I've anticipated receiving but feel free to ask me about it if you're interested.

I hope that people find this useful!

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