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Hi, i followed people from via importing a csv, disculpe las molestias

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Como usar mi pronombre (escrito por , pero como usamos el mismo y me dió permiso) :

How to use my pronouns:

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financial aid request, fundraiser, boosts please? 

if you have money to spare, it'd mean a lot if you could direct some of it towards helping my partner pay off his medical bills. he's a full-time college student on his 3rd year, and can't take a part-time job because of schoolwork and disability.

wait times for dentists in his area are up to 2 years, he had to go see a private one on an emergency when part of his molar chipped off a week ago while he was eating dinner.

the bill for the procedure he went through, and for future treatment of his dental health, costs a lot of money that neither of our families can afford

like him, i'm also disabled but on canadian goverment assistance; and i've already pitched in with what i can give to him this month which was only like 50 gbp.

he's currently sitting at 135/2000. thanks for looking and please, only give if you can thank you so much for just looking. #crowdfund #disabilityaid #begpost #transcrowfund

Como que apex leyends tenía a alguien no binarie y no me avisaron

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begpost, please boost 

Hi, I’m hearth, and I'm in an increasingly abusive situation at home right now and need all the help I can to get out.

I just had to eat the lion's share of a $300 compressor belt replacement for my car so I still have my ability to escape this situation, so any help you can offer to rebuild my funds would be greatly appreciated. <3

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

Sos más yikes que el panfleto contra la Educación Sexual Integral del rechazo (dibujado por chicosacer)

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I really enjoyed this article: it's about boundaries and identifying red flags in people.

I don't think you have to be autistic to benefit from it, either! It's given me some very tasty food for thought.

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code for exporting Mastodon instance suspensions 

very quick and dirty script to turn an instance's public block list into a csv that #GlitchSoc can (sort-of) import

Array.from(document.getElementsByTagName("table")[1].getElementsByTagName("tr")).forEach((row) => {
let domain = row.querySelector("span");
if (domain != undefined) {
let reason = row.querySelector("td:nth-child(2)").textContent.trim().replace(/"/g, "");
output += `${domain.textContent.trim()},suspend,false,false,"${reason}",false\n`;

you can go to an instance's /about/more page and run it in the browser console

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autistic trans woman needs to pay 🔌⚡, pls boost 

hey I'm sam! I'm an autistic trans woman struggling to find work to keep myself afloat

it's the end of the month and I'm about 50 bucks short on my power bill, if you can donate anything it would mean a lot!! I had to go without power for several months last year and I don't want to have to repeat that ;u;

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

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I'm enjoying Mastodon so far, but there's one or other feature I really miss. So I cobbled a couple of userscripts together to add them!

Userscripts are client-side modifications can be used through browser extensions like Grease / Violentmonkey. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to alter the //@match if you're not at .art.

I'm going to throw everything related into this thread so it's easily mutable because I bet you didn't expect to see this kind of geeking coming from a random art profile! 🙃

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We are currently experiencing issue with mail server. We are working on a fix.

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Hey it's a new month and my queer disabled chronically ill neurodivergent family is still poor! :P So yeah please boost this post! :boost_ok:

Is #SettlerSaturday a thing here yet? lol It's not even saturday but me and my kids are Indigenous every day so whatever

I'm tired. I'm in pain. We're moving. My kids and pets want to eat every day. We need $$$ help.

if you're not struggling:
venmo/cashapp: sunfirewolf
paypal: enginesofiron at gmail dot com

is this in a rude tone? i'm not meaning for this to be in a rude tone life is quite a bit harder right now than I can necessarily pretend it isn't, you know?

#mutualAid #begpost #transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund #tired.

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"We need your help to secure funding for housing for a trans girl who lives in Nigeria, and has been struggling with systemic transphobia in the country and issues of personal safety in her life. She needs assistance affording housing, as costs are rising everywhere. She is asking for $2500 to secure housing for herself. Any amount helps, even $1 or $5."

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Any of my fedifriends looking to pick up a small web design job? Friend of a friend is looking for some help. US preferred, San Diego / Cali best. Boosts welcome!

#getfedihired #webdesign

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Hey, my partner and I are escaping an abusive household, but while we haven't moved out just yet, we're essentially paying 2 rents at the same time (with the deposit and getting money together for first rent and such) and paying for packing materials and other things, so we're running very short on money despite our best efforts atm.

If you could spare the money to donate, we'd really appreciate it, thanks.

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