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Como usar mi pronombre (escrito por , pero como usamos el mismo y me dió permiso) :

How to use my pronouns:

etsy's gone on and formalized their rating system to basically be treated the same as Uber/Lyfts where they SAY its a rating of 1 to 5 stars, but its really 👎 / 👍 and you get penalized for not having 5 stars

so uhhh.. be wary of that when you're reviewing orders

Hey y'all, a local Black trans antiracist activist is in trouble with the state for actions they took to protect protesters last summer. If you have any money to help them out, it would be extremely appreciated - as many of you likely know, if they can't pay they will be sent (back) to jail. And please boost whether or not you can help!

DHL sent ALL PinePhones to New Zealand instead of their actual destinations. How this happened is beyond us. This is a massive blunder on their part, but ultimately we're the one that gets to apologize to you - very sorry about this. It will take a week to sort this situation out.

It just hit me that KnowYourMeme is the Zoomer version of TVtropes

If anyone has some programming contract work they need done, please let me know. I have experience with Rust, Python, C, Go, Java, and JavaScript, and I primarily do frontend work. I can create designs if needed.

Capital G Gamers, suicide, insinuated paedophila 

Gamers take time out from whining about localisers covering up inappropriately exposed minors for western releases to... harass SUPERHOT Team for removing suicide scenes that probably bore zero importance to the game's plot to begin with. :blobcoffeeunamused2:

Oh, right. Promotion. I should do some promotion.

Uh... I write books? They might work for you. Maybe not. Only way to know for sure is to try one.

No, not that book. Any book but that book. Probably not that one, either. Uh... nah, just go read someone else's book instead? And leave them a review, it's the decent thing to do.

ive calculated that i need $1043 saved for deposit and rent come august 1st, please help me leave. im honestly afraid of getting hit if i tell them "no" or confront them in any way. and im afraid of my rabbits dying because of their forced neglect.

thank you

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund #bunnies

please boost!! :boost_ok: :bun_love:

El LOL es como para jugarlo con gente que te caiga bien no ma, o si no te estresas

Ya tenemos nuevamente nuestros correos funcionando si recuperas las contraseñas o recibes cualquier comunicación por nuestra parte siempre será con un correo con nuestro propio dominio, si recibes desde otro dominio no somos nosotres.

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