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Junaeb, déjame gastar mi saldo por la chucha aahh

Character jiggling with Spine2d. Felt like a really good practice to animate a simple shaped character.

Encontré unos posts de cacheados en otras instancias, parece que no le hicieron el selfdestruct o algo asi

Desde Twitter 

[HILO] ¡Amigos, amigas, gente mía y sobrinos queridos!

Empezamos con el hilo regalón, el que da más servicio público que el servicio público. El resumen de las cuarentenas del #AloMinistro de hoy con mas sorpresas en la alineación de un partido que perdemos 8-2

students: this semester sucked
faculty: this semester sucked
parents: this semester sucked

administrators, "influencers," higher ed media: IS ONLINE COLLEGE THE NEW WAVE OF THE FUTURE

Always Bet On HTML:

Describes what I love about HTML (and CSS)! It doesn't break, and is far more capable than people give it credit for.

I do take the stance that ideally we wouldn't have JS on The Web, but as it is today: yes, JavaScript has it's place.

Now that I have unlimited bandwidth I can download games I couldn't before because games are too large these days

#Jortage hotfix deployed: We've been getting throttled by Wasabi for too many requests. I removed a few unnecessary requests from an old hotfix that were happening for every request to Images should stop vanishing randomly.

Black Minds Matter is an organization dedicated to creating accessible therapy for black people in the Uk.

A good service if you need it, and a good fund to donate to if you dont.

#blm #BLMUK #uk

academic journals, ethics 

welp. It's finally happened. I've been put on an editorial board of an academic journal without my consent. Somewhat ironically, it's the International Journal of Technoethics.

the idea that human lives in scifi or fantasy lit are as diversified as in real life while all other species (or "races") are completely homogenous in their culture and occupations is a reflection of eurocentrism and colonial racism and that's the 🍵

In Reddit (r/linuxquestions):
OP: I've see a lot of courses on Linux hardening. What about alerting / monitoring?
C: Just get Windows instead.


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Encuentra mas servicios de Chilemasto en se movió a esta instancia. chilemasto busca ser una instancia acogedora para gente chilena, sin embargo, personas de cualquier nacionalidad pueden unirse. Aquí podrán compartir con compatriotas en un espacio más sano y agradable que la de las redes sociales mainstream. está basado en Mastodon, una red social libre y federada