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Renewable Energy, dunking on journalist 

What is really annoying me is that lots of people will only read the title and be going 'gna gna gna solar panel produce waste'

But what I dont see is other source of energy that are 95% recycled with todays technology, already in use in todays capitalism hell.

(I am not sure people recycle dams, I guess they only maintain it or let the concrete there and be done with it)

95% recycling, thats a lot.

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Android game, boost ok 

Anyone here has design/released paid for games on android?

Like I might buy a game on the play store, if I do I might as well help someone here


*Yo flasheando Roms en el celular cuando chique*

*Música dramática🎶*

No me va a tragar la pobreza, voy a hacer lo que tenga que hacer para estar bien.

Añadamonos en la Switch :p
(Avise eso si xd)


No les conté, pero pude pasar todos los ramos este semestre ^^

Acá está tranquilo, pero en el friendica a unas cuantas personas les llegó el banhammer 🔨

Jake Parker, of Inktober, has clearly plagiarized and is attempting to profit from the hard work of Black artist Alphonso Dunn, and Dunn goes into it in this video on his YouTube channel. Please watch and support him and the art books he’s put YEARS into creating! #Inktober


Al parecer en Chile la gente con covid no tendrá una alternativa para votar en el plebiscito...

Mi pareja me regaló el animal Crossing de switch uwu

Nsfw, tiktok meta? 

Harto tiktok tipo "pichula corta y a buena honra". Creo que es un meme local de ahí.

seeking roommate 9/1 in somerville ma 

there's 1 large bedroom available on 9/1 in my apartment in somerville ma. rent is $950/month + utils. the apt has tons of storage, parking, a dishwasher, and free laundry. no pets allowed, not wheelchair accessible. it's a very chill & quiet place

please boost & message me if you're interested. if we don't find someone for the room soon we'll lose the place & have to move out 🙃 :boost_requested:

there's more info & pictures here:

Mala la wea de la en , no deja sacar permiso. Ahora el sistema no te deja elegir región ni comuna y esos son datos obligatorios para obtener el permiso...

¿El BancoEstado de fue bueno en algún tiempo? ¿Cuando era del estado quizá?

Anyone need an #Accessibility/usability consultant? I'm asking because my Netflix bill is due soon. I'd also like to order 🍕 again. #a11y

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