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el profe empezó a hablar del capitalismo de vigilancia, no me lo esperaba

Igual se veía bonito el arte de Axie Infinity

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I made this illustration today. It's actually a combination of two things I did. I made a photo study of a tree at my parent's place. So I painted the background digitally in procreate. And today I made a little illustration of a fox and added it to the painting.

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Empezamos la intervención al servicio de FediverseTV! Avisamos cuando terminemos.
Es posible que funcione a ratos, pero recomendamos no usarlo hasta que avisemos de nuevo, ya que no estará estable.

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Neg, I guess? 

I'm tired of showing
how strong I am.

Here, surviving is
what I do because
I have no choice.

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asking for help 

Hey lovelies,

So i'm tapped out on cash, thanks to the rent goblins.

If you could throw a couple bucks in the bucket hat to help make this hot-ass month a bit more bearable, it'd be biblically appreciated$somarasu

As always, thanks for keeping me alive. Physically and mentally 💖

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Need financial help, urgent, please boost 

Hey everyone

I'm so sorry for asking for financial help so soon after I needed help getting my rent through, but I'm running out of food and I noticed I have way less money left than I thought I did, like I'm basically broke right now after paying rent and I don't get paid before 10-12 days

Can you donate so you can help making sure my boyfriend and I can afford to eat during that time period?

Any amount would help, but if you can't, boosting would already go a long way. Thank you so much ❤️

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Hey fediverse: I have a friend whose business is stuck using Wix as their hosting provider (including mail, apparently) and they need to move off of it. Mail to some clients gets rejected, which is a problem.

I'm not clear on all the details, but the friend is willing to pay for support in migrating away. There is a snag of some form (again, details unclear right now) that has made just dropping Wix a problem. That will likely be the brunt of the work.

For various reasons I can't do it, so if you are up for what is hopefully a small job DM me or email me at the address in my profile. I'll get more details if you're interested.

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Hola a todos,

Soy usario de silla de ruedas, de paso por la semana en #Bilbao, y busco a una silla de ruedas electrica para pasear mas facilmente en la ciudad (para alquilar, o intercambios...)
Si conoces alguien con #discapacidad que podria ser interesado o si tienes una idea... Contactame por fa ;)

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me fue bien, me saqué de nota final de la práctica un 6.8/7

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En un rato defiendo la práctica, deseenme éxito.

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begpost, please boost 

Hey everyone,

I hate doing this and this is my first time, but I could really use the help.

I've been out of work as an EMT for a little while because I was discriminated against for being trans and fired at my last job, and I'm waiting on an answer from unemployment.

I'm behind on bills, and to top it off, I'm trying to help my friend who is homeless and escaping a difficult situation come here and restart their life.

Anything helps, thank you so much 💜

Venmo: $rynyday
Feel free to DM me if you need my PayPal or some other method.

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Mis hijes hicieron dibujos en una tableta que proyectaba laser en una pared enorme. El grande aprovechó el libro de como dibujar dragones se vé... #montevideocomics2022

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Ohh, if they get like 8 more €12 / year, Stable Sloth, on GoToSocial's Open Collective, it's reached the total for donation matching!
Which is €500!

That's so cool.

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