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asking for monetary help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


it's time to make another one of these posts, as i am running concerningly low on funds!

i'll be needing $63 for my phone bill on the 17th

and we're gonna need to take my laptop to a shop soon probably to get the ssd slot repaired (i can't do video editing commissions until this is fixed)

and i'll need to buy groceries soon

sooooo yeah!!! please help me lol

my paypal is

i applied for a janitor job where DD works and will be continuing to apply for state jobs, so hopefully i won't have to do this for much longer

thank you all so much for literally keeping me alive!!! :blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:


Disimular bordes negros en los dispositivos usando fondos de pantalla negros, un clásico.

Delta Chat is a free open source encrypted messaging system that works through email accounts. You can follow at:

➡️ @delta

It's available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux from the official site at

#DeltaChat #Chat #Messenger #E2E #E2EE #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #EMail #Encrypted

/e/OS is not only about #privacy and #degoogling #android, it's also innovation!

We're going deeper with Progressive Web Apps integration in the OS, with a PWA-player that makes those apps appear like any other regular application.

Will be integrated soon by default in /e/OS.

Don't put spyware on your kids' devices. Don't spy your kids. They won't trust you anymore when they realize you were spying them.

@skrlet13 uuuf, como pa como pa comprarme uno y que se me quede en el asiento de la micro

El fue re malo, solo les sirvió a quienes compraron celulares de un palo o más.

It's weird how English-speaking fedi is full of meta between instances and dynamics but from what I've seen Spanish-speaking fedi is mainly "software y cultura libre yay" (free software and culture in English).

It makes sense I guess, we are fewer people and people who just know Spanish won't understand English at all. Most fedi resources are in English, so it doesn't have too much reach to non English-speaking communities.

Spanish-speaking fedi users mainly arrived here to find an alternative to mainstream social media, and those who stayed are those who were interested in protecting their privacy and looking for a libre culture.

The most meta thing that was noticed by Spanish-speaking fedi I guess was Gab, but decent instances blocked them long ago...
So in general Spanish-speaking ppl go to any instance where they can register and live a pretty peaceful fedi-life (favs are the official ones). You can't perceive problems in English if you don't know that language.

Not saying Spanish-speaking fedi is heaven, but we are so few and irrelevant here that problems in our community don't affect most fedi.

shoes, large size, please help! :boost_requested: 


I have a shoe size of 43-44EU (~9.5UK) more or less. I am a woman
You should be able to connect the don't and understand the issue, I think.

I shop vegan. But any site will do, I basically know to navigate sites and find the right vegan shoes,,, it's the sizes that are a nightmare.

I'm looking for heels especially. Elegant shows. Not really the boots or sneakers kinda girl. And those are far more easy to come by in those sizes

Any advice on where to shop please ?


No compren relojes a los que no se les pueda cambiar la correa o terminarán cómo yo.

Not gonna lie, I don't understand 99% of what y'all talking about when you mention long-time gone instance and infamous individuals.

I am willing to pay if someone is feeling like writing a History book/essay of the Fediverse or something.

WoW Shadowland exigirá una SSD con 100 GB de espacio disponible. NANI

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